The Importance Of The Fireplace When Redecorating

Importance Of The Fireplace

If you’re planning on redecorating a room, you need to think about the Fireplace before anything else. It’s very difficult to insert a fireplace into a room that’s already been completed. Far better to decide on your fireplace first and then match your décor to it.

The importance of the Fireplace

You’ll already know that fireplaces are often the key point in any room. Large or small, a room is defined by the fireplace or fireplaces within it. From the way the furniture is organised to the mirrors, paintings and other objects you choose for the room, fireplaces are vitally important. Get the look of your fireplace wrong, and you could spoil the finished effect. Not to mention the fact that a Fireplace in great condition will no doubt add to the value of your home and be valued by future buyers if you chose to sell.

Proportion – fireplaces need to be in proportion to the room they are in. Look at pictures and talk with us to find out what size will work best in the room you’re redecorating. Don’t be tempted to make the fireplace too big, as it can crowd everything out, but do make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the rest of your design because you’ve gone for something too minimalist.

Design – if you want your fireplaces to reflect the period of your home, you’ll need to do a little research. Find out what sort of materials best reflect that period, and what sort of designs or patterns were used. This will help you to find the right kind of fireplace or to come up with a design so that you can have one made to order. If you aren’t sure, we can always provide you with sound advice.

Grates – fireplaces aren’t just about the surround, or mantelpiece. They’re also about the style and size of grate and fire basket. We can help you with this but we welcome you to take the time to discover what styles will suit your home best. While looking at grates or baskets, make sure to match it with your chosen or existing fireplace surround. You’ll be able to see what works together and what doesn’t.

Once you know the design, size and materials of your fireplace, you’ll be able to plan the rest of your room. You might choose wallpaper or curtains that reflects the design or your surround, or you might choose light fittings that work with the decoration on the fire basket. Bringing all these influences together will help you to design a room that looks and feels like home.

Buying Fireplaces

If you are thinking of sorting out your fireplaces, or replacing existing surrounds, take a look at both our original and reproduced range. We specialise in supplying high quality fireplaces from a variety of materials and styles.

If you would like to know more about our range of fireplaces, or need styling advice, give us a call on 0161-444-0921.

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