Bespoke Tiled Hearth Quote Requests

Get a quick quote for a custom and fully bespoke tiled hearth to suit your fireplace or stove.
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Hearth Material Options

Please note - natural materials can vary in veining, colour and shading, man-made materials can vary in shade. Every effort is made to avoid colour and shading issues. Please select your desired material from the drop-box below these examples.

Autumn Quarry Tile

Autumn Quarry Hearth Tile

(150 x 150mm)

Barley Slate Tile

Barley Slate Hearth Tile

(12 x 24")

Black Ebony Tile

Black Ebony Hearth Tile

(Shiny) (6 x 6")

Black Quarry Matt Tile

Black Quarry Matt Hearth Tile

(150 x 150mm)

Rickingham Brown Tile

Rickingham Brown Hearth Tile

(6 x 6")

Sherwood Green Tile

Sherwood Green Hearth Tile

(6 x 6")

Burgundy Tile

Burgundy Hearth Tile

Black Porcelain Slate Tile

Black Porcelain Slate Hearth Tile

(12 x 12")

Olive Porcelain Slate Tile

Olive Porcelain Slate Hearth Tile

(12 x 12")

Charcoal Porcelain Slate Tile

Charcoal Porcelain Slate Hearth Tile

(12 x 12")

Hearth Measurements

Hearth Tongue

You may wish to include a tongue to extend the hearth backwards into your fireplace opening. Ideal for stoves or fireplaces which recess into the opening. If you are unsure, please get in touch.

Heat Plate

Placed just under the fireplace or stove, a heat plate will help prevent your hearth from cracking due to high heat.