Designer Stoves For Stylish Homes

Designer Stoves For Stylish Homes

Let’s be honest, our top priorities when we buy a stove are probably reducing our heating bills and creating a cosy atmosphere in our home. Beyond that, it’s always a nice bonus to be able to create a room that makes an immediate impression on visitors.

There are certain stoves that help you to do just that. They instantly catch the eye of anyone who enters the room and make a real statement. Take the Penman Collection for instance, specializing in stunning eye-catching designs. The Penman Collection is also a great starting point if you’re thinking of a free-standing stove.

Chic twist on the classic Woodburner
Another stove manufacturer producing beautiful statement appliances is Stovax & Gazco Stoves. You often see their stoves popping up in TV home makeover shows. That’s because they offer great designs at an affordable prices.

Of course, there are very desirable stoves produced by other manufacturers that we have available. Take a scroll through this page and see what catches your eye.

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