Pay With Amazon At The Victorian Fireplace Store

Pay with AmazonPay with Amazon makes shopping on our website even easier, by allowing you to speed through checkout using the account information already stored in your Amazon account to pay on our site.

There is no need to remember multiple logins and passwords for multiple sites, all you need is your Amazon account information. You already trust Amazon when you shop online, so trust it when you shop on our site too.

Simply choose from the payment and delivery information stored in your Amazon account. This means you can pay on our website without entering your payment and address details. Pay with Amazon helps you to shop quickly, safely, and securely.


How to Pay with Amazon

To pay for one of our products with amazon, just follow these simple steps:

1) Select ‘Add to Cart’ on the product/s you wish to purchase from our website.

2) Go to the ‘Checkout’ page.

3) Find and select the ‘Pay with Amazon’ button.

4) Log-in with your Amazon details.

5) Select the appropriate delivery address and card information, and process the order.