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6×6 Inch Glazed Tiled Hearth – Pick Size/Colour

Most commonly used hearth for Fireplaces & Stoves, featuring simple square shapes made from 6 inch tiles laid out with the grout lines all aligned. Additional options and sizes are available, see details below. Contact us for bespoke sizes.

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Product Description

6×6 Inch Glazed Tiled Hearth

This is the most commonly used type of hearth featuring simple square shapes made from 6 inch tiles, laid out with the grout lines all aligned. They are very popular nowadays for use with cast iron fireplaces and with stoves. The hearth is important addition to a focal point fireplace. The range of colours available means you can more easily pick a hearth to compliment your interior decor scheme.

Hearth Size
We have provided a number of commonly sizes for quick online purchasing, however you can order any size with us via email or over the phone, so please get in touch if they are not suitable for you.

Kick Back (Tongue)
A kick back (also known as a tongue) is included for where the fireplace opening is recessed behind the front of the chimney breast. The tiling of the kick does not extend right to the back of the fire – only so far that the back edge of the tiles is hidden from view in normal operation of the fire. Smaller sized hearths will generally come with a 26″ x 6″ sized tongue, while larger ones will measure at 30″ x 6″.

Additional Options
– Add a Kerb to the hearth in your chosen style (Victorian, Edwardian, C20 Chamfered, or C20 Round Edge (4″)

The options below are only available when ordering with us over e-mail or phone.

– Add multiple colours to the hearth, such as a border with a contrasting colour to the decoration.

– Include a ‘pad’ in a second colour to stand a stove on, or to compliment a fireplace opening. The area just in front of a fireplace opening is always subject to wear and tear from the fret and ashpan so a harder glaze such as our Basalt Black is ideal for a pad.

– Incorporate a metal heatplate, usually in polished stainless steel but also available in brass, to act as a pad.

– Add the Easy Clean option which slopes up the front of the hearth, but does not have raised or kerbed sides. This means that there will be no corners for dust and ash to collect in. Can be tiled in a different colour to the flat section to make a decorative feature.

Click here to Contact us for more details, or with any questions you may have!

Additional Information


Basalt Black, Burgundy, Cornflower Blue, Inca Gold, Ivory, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Stockwell Grey, Teapot Brown, Victorian Blue, Victorian Brown, Victorian Green


44″ x 12″, 44″ x 15″, 48″ x 15″, 52″ x 15″, 54″ x 15″, 58″ x 15″, 62″ x 15″, 62″ x 18″, 66″ x 18″, 72″ x 18″


Round Edge (No Kerb), C20 Chamfered Kerb, C20 Round Edge Kerb (4″), Edwardian Kerb, Victorian Kerb


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Damage & Durability
With a reasonable degree of care our fireplace hearths will last a lifetime. Any accidental breakage of a single tile is repairable without the need to replace the entire hearth. The hearths of all-tiled fireplaces are designed to be replaced without disturbing the main body of the fireplace or the fire-back if they become very worn.

We offer a replacement hearth service if your original is too damaged for repair. We usually copy from the original hearth or a template of it, but we can of course work to measurements.
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