Carron Combinations

The Victorian Fireplace store is a fully authorised Carron retailer. Here you can choose from our selection of Carron combinations which feature beautiful designs with styles to match all décor. Styles are varied from both simple to ornate and range from Georgian to Victorian and Edwardian periods.

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Combination Fireplaces

The Carron Combination Fireplace can be small to suit a bedroom, slightly larger to suit a small reception room, or the grand image including the captivating Fireplace Tiles that were placed to attract those sitting around it. Long before we had today's technology there was little to look at, and this was the main attraction. From simple to ornate, the feeling of the warmth around the fire when lit, was enchanting and their social gathering point.

In general, to add a fireplace (be it reproduction or original) will achieve a better result when you come to sell, no matter what room in which it is displayed. It always creates the feature to a room and without it the room seems to be missing something. Many of our customers come to purchase a fireplace to use purely as decorative, as it will add to the value of their home, whether in use or otherwise.
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