How To Style A Period Fireplace

How To Style A Period Fireplace

How To Style A Period Fireplace

Whether you have a period fireplace or are thinking of fitting one, be inspired by these handsome designs and the ways they’ve been styled.

As the nights draw in, the beginning of autumn can feel a little anticlimactic after the excitement of summer. But there’s so much to look forward to in the new season: crisp country walks, enjoying the last autumn rays, cooking hearty grub after a summer of salads, admiring trees aflame with red and amber leaves and settling down in front of a crackling fire are just a few examples.

Darker evenings seem to encourage a more leisurely pace of life, too, so why not give in to that urge to hibernate? Let’s light some candles, grab a DVD or a good book and settle in beside a toasty open fire. These antique beauties should inspire you with ways to warm your cockles.

Coastal Living Room

Find your balance

Lighten up a slate fireplace with pale walls and soft upholstery. These painted alcoves help to balance the black mantelpiece without overpowering the small room. For a similar shade of dark grey paint, try Little Greene’s Dark Lead Colour.

Midcentury Living Room

Try a twosome
When it comes to fireplaces, symmetrical styling works a treat. Building matching cabinets in the alcoves means focus stays on the fire. This stylish living room lends further emphasis to the central space with a swish, oversized ottoman.

Traditional Spaces

Surround with depth and colour
Elegant stone fireplaces work in any setting, from traditional to contemporary, thanks to their soft, sandy colouring. Why not take advantage of their neutrality by going wild with artwork? The neon paints in this art piece easily transform the personality of the room.

Eclectic Bedroom

Think small
Bedroom fireplaces are often sweet, scaled-down versions of their ground floor counterparts, so accessorise accordingly with smaller pieces. Try a petite, wall-mounted mirror rather than a large, overmantel style that could overwhelm the space.

Contemporary Bedroom

Adopt an accent colour
Victorian fireplaces often feature vibrant, jewel-coloured tiles that demand a little consideration when getting to grips with a design scheme. One approach is to take your tile as a cue, using it as an accent colour. This serene sleep space has touches of green inspired by the fireplace tiles throughout.

Contemporary Dining Room

Switch eras
Just because your fireplace is Victorian, it doesn’t mean your furniture needs to be. Mix and match pieces from different eras for a layered look. This set of Eames DSW chairs and Tulip-style table are perfectly at home in this chic, minimalist dining room.

Contemporary Living Room

Be bookish
Alcove shelves crammed full of books have changed this unused bedroom into a cosy library, lending additional function to the room’s small, pretty fireplace. Slate grey walls imbue warmth and tone in with the black metal of the fireplace surround, while buttery leather chairs beg you to pick a book and settle in for a relaxing read.

Traditional Bedroom

Add sleep-time softness
For a neat-looking unused fireplace, take your flooring right over the hearth. Natural carpet options include coir, jute, seagrass and sisal, all of which will give you a relaxed, organic effect. Some are softer underfoot than others, so it’s worth trying out plenty of samples to get the texture that works for you.

Contemporary Living Room

Reframe your focus
It can be tempting to arrange your living room furniture around the best angle for watching TV. However, if you can resist the lure of that Mad Men box set (or put the TV in a different room) you can create the ultimate evening retreat by positioning furniture around your fireplace instead. This living space includes two leather tub chairs, meaning there’s no need to vie for space on the sofa.

Contemporary Dining Room

Take it away
Don’t be afraid to leave your fireplace unadorned. This crisp white number adds plenty of architectural interest without the need for a mirror or a painting to enhance its clean lines.

In conclusion

We hope this has helped give you some idea on how to style your period fireplace. If you’re looking for more advice, be sure to get in touch with us.

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